I have some Benghazi questions that I hope the Select Committee can get answers for – these questions have not yet been answered


Below is an email that has grabbed my attention.  It was provided by the State Department to House Oversight Committee and I obtained it on line.  Here are my questions and observations:

1/  The date is September 11, 2012 and the time 5:55pm eastern — Libya is 6 hours ahead, so it is about midnight there and the Consulate is under attack.  This email was thus sent during the attack. 

2.  The subject? Libya update from State Department employee Beth Jones.

3.  Why are there so many redactions in this email? Why can’t we know WHO received this email? We have some names, but some are hidden.

4.  Look at paragraph 2 in the email.  It reports that some team (on the ground in Benghazi? we don’t know….redacted…why?) that “extremist group Ansar Al Sharia has taken credit for the attack in Benghazi.”  Remember, this email is sent DURING the attack.   The email goes on to say that the February 17 Brigade [a militia in Libya that Libyan government used to help protect us / click here] “is currently in a running battle with Ansar Al Sharia.” 

So in the middle of the attack — the State Department has named a terrorist group — Ansar Al Sharia.

When I used to try cases, I always looked to see what was not in a document as being helpful to understand the facts.  There is often a reason why something is not in a document – it didn’t happen, wasn’t important etc.

What is NOT in this email below are the words “video…protest…demonstration.”  Why not?  Those words are important in this Benghazi investigation as the Obama Administration for weeks after 9/11/2012 said a video and a demonstration were the reasons for Benghazi. Why specific terrorist group named — during the attack in a State Department email — and the fact a running battle is going on — but no mention of video? protest? demonstration?

The foregoing are my questions today.  Maybe there is an explanation….but right now, I have those questions.


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