A viewer taking me to the woodshed — click to read

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Last night ON THE RECORD at 7pm we did a segment on job loss and sequestration.  The viewer watched (and I appreciate that she watches) and I think she has a right to be heard so I am posting her email to me (minus her name, of course.) 

The segment on sequestration has me extremely upset.

Greta, I have never seen you so off target as you were on the sequestration story. My husband, as well as many others, has been sequestered for over a year. He doesn’t need to work, but feels he should because of what he is able to contribute. Many of the sequestered are retired military with decades of experience who worked for intelligence agencies. These men and women were highly qualified contractors and provided expertise while working on important projects in the area of national defense. .

I wish you and your panel had taken the time to investigate the story rather than relying on a published report that only included federal employees. I find it a sad commentary on Washington when they protect federal workers who abuse the system and play politics with our safety.