Something I don’t often do …

John Coale, Greta


I almost never do this …working for 11 1/2 years until 11pm made it almost impossible and that is going out nights after work.

Now with the new time – ON THE RECORD at 7pm, I can do these events and frankly, while I rarely do them or have done them over the years,  I had fun.


Yesterday I went to NYC to do something I rarely do – attend a big event. What event? ABC’s retirement party for Barbara Walters! I don’t think she is retiring – I think she just wanted to have a big party. I made the journey to NYC because Barbara Walters has led the way for so many in TV journalism – especially for women – and I thought I owed it to her to go. I appreciate trailblazers and success and what is so remarkable about Barbara is that she had / has ‘staying power’ — it is not easy to stay in the game for so many years and also remain at the top. She also has a unique quality in this business – range. By range I mean she can interview anybody – from Presidents to reality TV stars.  (Larry King is one of the few others in the business with range.)

So….I went to the retirement party to show I appreciated what she had done for women as a trailblazer and ended up having fun. I saw many people I had not seen in a long time — Robin Roberts of GMA (who I love…she once did something really nice for me in Saudi Arabia which she probably doesn’t remember but I do…and I won’t forget it), CBS Norah O’Donnell (she wrote my husband a really nice note last year when he had cancer which I will never forget….you never forget kind gestures like that), Cindi Adams (who is always fun…and dangerously sharp witted), ABC Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl (I see them often in DC but still always enjoy seeing them), Whoopi Goldberg (showed me pic of her new great granddaughter), Bellamy Young who plays First Lady Mellie Grant in Scandal (she could not have been nicer!), Meredith Vieira, former head of ABC News David Westin and his wife (David and I had never met before last night and over past years we have been emailing each other often about refugees and refugee camps…both always trying to figure out how to help them), and many more….and of course I  talked to Barbara Walters. She looked and is fantastic! I did not spend much time talking to Barbara because she had many to talk to but I did learn what she is doing first in her retirement: heading off to Germany for a vacation! And then? I don’t buy this retirement stuff…I heard she is working on specials for ABC. So I guess ‘stay tuned’ is what I should say…

(by the way, the pic is a Getty pic that I cropped –it was emailed to me..I obviously did not take a pic of my husband and me.)