The Hill’s AB Stoddard does her OWN thinking and reporting

AB Stoddard

The other night in the make up room at Fox News I was talking with a group of people about reporting and in particular political reporting in Washington.  I lamented that I think many pundits and reporters in Washington spend too much time listening to each other and not going out and gathering their own information, reaching their own conclusions that are not influenced by what others have said or are saying.  When I was challenged about my assertion,  I said, ‘think back to 2012 when Governor Romney chose Rep Paul Ryan as his running mate.  I heard so many on TV say it was a BOLD choice.  Every time I heard the term BOLD I thought?  How can that be?  How come so many are using the exact same adjective to describe the choice of Rep Paul Ryan?  What are the odds that so many come up with the same description?  Of course there are other adjectives so I concluded that most were probably just listening too much to each other and not completely thinking themselves.   One of the people I was talking to in the make up room was AB Stoddard….and she quickly wondered what she had written.  So…AB went back and pulled her old column and I am proud to announce — especially since she appears regularly on ON THE RECORD at 7pm — that she did not use the term BOLD.  That means to me that AB does her own work, her homework.  I like that. 

PS Just because someone might have used BOLD does not mean that he / she is a lousy reporter etc…it just suggests maybe a trip outside the Beltway from time to time might be a good idea.

Opinion: With Ryan pick, a new Romney

By A.B Stoddard – 08/11/12 03:16 PM EDT


In choosing Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney not only surprised the political world late Friday night, but he has become a different candidate for president over night.


He is suddenly someone willing to take a risk, someone offering specifics instead of generalities, and someone willing to sell his own agenda to the voters instead of trying to bash his way into the Oval Office. And by embracing Ryan, and the controversial policy heft he brings to the ticket, Romney is now a serious candidate who has displayed true leadership — the willingness to do something politically dangerous because he believes it is the right thing to do.


Until now Romney was running a non-campaign on the hope that voters were simply ready, in such a troubled economy, to fire Obama. Polls this week showing Obama ahead in several battleground states and making headway with independent voters proved that strategy wasn’t working.  CLICK HERE TO READ FULL COLUMN