New York Times, another example of the brave media (wink-wink) (and this might help explain to the media why the public has a very dim impression of the media)

I confess….I have read a few articles about the NYT firing of now former Executive Editor Jill Abramson. Many are seizing on the suggestion of a “war on women” at the NYT — meaning, did Abramson get paid less than the men holding her job?

But my favorite (tongue in cheek)? Have you noticed all the stories (at least all that I read) are ANONYMOUS sources. The sources are all in the media industry (many apparently even working at the NYT) and what a bunch of cowards — many willing to speak about the firing but not brave enough to give his / her name. What a bunch of cowards ! (wimps?)

And we wonder why we in the media have such a poor reputation with th public? I don’t wonder….I get it.

By the way, yes there are legitimate (and rare) instances when anonymous sources should be used….newsroom gossip or media industry gossip is not exactly national security, right?

PS Am I wrong?