WEIRD – man caught sneaking into the nursing home room of Senator Thad Cochran’s wife – click to read lawyer’s statement

Full Statement obtained from Donald Clark, lawyer for Senator and Rose Cochran:

“Recently, an unauthorized picture of Senator Cochran’s wife was posted on the internet as part of a video. The picture was taken inside of Mrs. Cochran’s room near her bedside. Senator Cochran asked our firm to represent him in this matter. We believed a crime may have been committed and we immediately notified the City of Madison Police Department since St. Catherine’s Nursing Home is located in the City of Madison. The police conducted an investigation, still in progress, resulting in the arrest last night. As you can imagine, Senator Cochran’s first concern was that of the safety of his wife as well as the invasion of her privacy and dignity. We also reported the matter to St. Catherine’s who we understand is conducting their own investigation.”