EXECUTION OF A WOMAN FOR MARRYING A CHRISTIAN!!! EVIL EVIL EVIL PRESIDENT BASHIR OF SUDAN? You have seen the pics I took of the children hiding in caves as he tried to kill them with bombs — you have seen the pics of the bugs the starving children gather to try to handle hunger — and now a woman is facing execution for marrying a Christian! Click to see the pics


I know you share the outrage — imagine executing someone for marrying a Christian!   How can anyone be that cruel?  Well..that is the country run by EVIL President Bashir.  He is under indictment for genocide but no one will do anything….and he continues to kill…in the Nuba Mountains and other regions.

This current story about the woman in prison, now sentenced to death for marrying a Christian is getting world wide attention (as it should.)  But we also need to give worldwide attention to the atrocities in Sudan and much at the hand of the EVIL President Bashir.

Here are some of my pics from my trip to Sudan, Nuba Mountain region, with Reverend Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse — and I have blogged almost non stop for 2 years about the cruelty of the evil President Bashir (already under indictment for genocide!)

because of Pres Bashir bombing them, they live on bugs and leaves in caves


Below are bugs hunted, collected and eaten.  They are starving to death in the Nuba Mountains because Bashir intentionally bombed their farmland.a bag of bugs they ate (and they were lucky to even have bugs -most have zero to eat)

Below is a Christian Church — bombed.

Church - Sudan 19003 Sudan sudan

Their homes and fields were bombed….so people hide under rocks…hoping Bashir does not find them.

FG and Greta Visit to South Sudan sudan 17796


FG and Greta Visit to South Sudan Bashir, Sudan Nuba Mountains, Sudan, President Bashir, genocide FG and Greta Visit to South Sudan Sudan

Below is a bombed out village.  This was a family’s home …where the parents had the same hopes and dreams and love for their children that we have in America.  This was all they had…now they have nothing and they are also in terror of getting killed, or worse, their children killed in front of their eyes.Sudan, Bashir, Nuba Mountains


Look closely — I am standing in a crater from one of EVIL Bashir’s bombs.  Over my right shoulder is a school — the bomber’s target.  He missed ….this time.Sudan, Bashir, bomb, crater Sudan Sudan, Franklin Graham