No decision from Democrats on Benghazi committee participation after Boehner/Pelosi huddle


From FNC’s Chad Pergram…

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has concluded an hour-long meeting with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) about the possibility of Democrats participating in the Benghazi committee.

It appears no conclusion was reached in the meeting.

We have a little bit of tape from Pelosi as she leaves the meeting and heads to the floor for a vote. She will meet later this afternoon with her top lieutenants to determine their next steps.

We will feed this shortly. You at least have broll of this because some of it was picked up as we walked across Statuary Hall.

I’m focused on making this vote right now.

Pelosi when I ask how the Speaker responded to her demands for the committee:
You don’t expect that I’m going to be telling you anything right now. I haven’t even spoken to our members.

We’re trying. We’re always trying to get something done.

Also, spoke briefly off-cam with Boehner spokesman Mike Steel following the session.

The Speaker and the Minority Leader had an hour-long meeting to discuss her concerns.

Steel on if Democrats will participate:
That’s up to the Minority Leader. We hope they will appoint.

Steel on if there’s a timetable for Democrats to decide to participate:
There’s no deadline that I’m aware of.