Why would Sgt. Tahmoressi have guns in his truck? I just realized something …. click to see


I know many of you have guns….and have them lawfully consistent with your Constitutional rights.  Sometimes I wonder, why do you carry them?  I know many of you carry them because they make you feel safe – and you want to be able to protect yourself if a life threatening situation arises.

Over the past few days I have traced and retraced Sgt. Tahmoressi’s steps.  The best way to understand, to report, is to do this.

I parked a car where Sgt Tahmoressi parked his car and walked over the border into Tijuana.  That is what Americans going to Tijuana do — they park in one of the border lots on the USA side, and then walk into Tijuana.  They don’t want to park in Tijuana and they don’t want to be in that ghastly long car line to get back into the United States.

I didn’t just drive where Sgt. Tahmoressi drove, but alos got out and walked the route.  It was a rather grim area — it felt very sketchy even in day time.  We saw many people returning from all-nighters in Tijuana and looked like it has been quite a night for them.  I observed several people who looked, well, troubled.

In walking his route, on the American side, I spotted some blood.  It was dripping in the line from Mexico to the parking lots.  It was obvious to me that someone had had a serious wound because the blood was in patches and the patches were separated by a few feet.

I assume someone was walking back into the USA with a serious wound and dripping blood as he or she walked.

I took a picture of some of the blood because I try and take a picture of everything I see when I am  investigating a story so that I can go back and study it and see if anything I saw is in any way relevant to me putting the pieces together about what may have happened or not happened.

I am on my flight back to DC now and reviewing the pictures.


blood (1) blood (2) blood (3) blood