I agree with President Obama on this.. …. BUT?


I agree with President Obama that Secretary Shinseki does care about the veterans.

But caring is not the issue.  Competence in the job, doing the job well for the veterans is the issue.

President Obama should  immediately fire  Secretary Shinseki as the Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs.  I disagree with the President’s decision not to fire him.  The President wants to wait — it is ‘waiting’ that has been so cruel to our vets.  Waiting is the last thing the President should do — he should act.

I know all Secretary Shinseki’s advocates point to his very distinguished career in the military — and it is very distinguished – but just because he was skilled as a military officer does not mean he can do the job as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  In fact, we now know, he can not.

Different jobs have different skills sets and our loyalty to General Shinseki and our deep appreciation for his military service is no reason to keep him in a job that he has not fulfilled….and worse, is inflicting damage on others.