As you watch my interview with the man whose Sudanese wife has been sentenced to death in Sudan for being a Christian, don’t forget that President Bashir is PURE EVIL – and he continues to get away with it day after day


SUdanAPril2012I often wake up thinking about that rotten President Bashir of Sudan.   I remember what I saw when I was there – it is unforgettable. You know about it, too.  You have seen my pictures here on GretaWire.

While I have so much, and I am so lucky, it is hard not to think of those children and parents hiding in caves from President Bashir …..and hoping to find leaves and bugs to eat ..and hoping that today is not the day when Bashir’s bombs hit them…or his soldiers rape the girls and women.

I know there is hardship here in the USA and believe me, I think about that, too, but for some reason I am hung up on the fact that Bashir, who is under indictment for genocide in another region of his country, just continues to be so brutal, so cruel ….and gets away with it.

Bashir has traveled to countries that are signatories to the ICC (International Criminal Court) and who thus have an obligation to arrest him but they have not.  I just don’t get it.  How can you turn your back on the children trembling in fear in those caves as the bombers fly over looking for their targets?

Why do I keep posting about this week after week after week? Because I know I have gotten under Bashir’s skin with my postings. He has twice sent people to see me in Washington DC to tell me I am wrong and that he is not evil and that I need to stop blogging that he is. The second time he even sent Sudan’s Foreign Minister to DC to meet with me and stop blogging that he is evil. I said I would be happy to do so — he just has to stop being evil,stop bombing innocents in the Nuba Mountains. The ball is in his court. Until then? I need your help…just keep spreading the word whenever you can. If you tweet? tweet #BashirIsEvil. Believe it or not, you are helping.

And the next time Bashir travels? Let’s all call the host nation’s embassy in DC and tell them to arrest him. He should go to the ICC and answer to the indictment. He will have a trial there.