A TERRIBLE THING HAPPENED – let’s not make it TWO terrible things ..


Over the weekend the name of the CIA’s station chief in Afghanistan was released to the press…and then to the press pool so we all got it in an email wherever we might have happened to be.  It is a terrible thing to out a CIA station chief…bad for national security….and I feel bad for the station chief.  It is a terrible blow to his carer.  I hope we can figure out a way to make it up to the station chief since his career has now taken a huge turn.

And the person who released the name?  Let’s have some compassion and be decent.  It was inadvertent…an accident.  I am sure he / she feels awful about it but it was not intentional and we don’t want to ruin a second career. 

It is important to figure out how to prevent a similar accident in the future but I don’t think the person who made the mistake should get decimated.   There may be some necessary discipline  or demotion or consequence of some sort  — but we have to make sure we handle this correctly and not make it a political football.  Washington has a tendency to do that.  We need the facts and we need to do the right thing.

What do you think?