First her brothers tried to shoot her, then stoned her…her Father watched…she screamed…25 and pregnant and because she would not marry her cousin

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From Foreign Policy Situation Report:

“Meantime, a Pakistani woman was stoned to death by her family in broad daylight. The Guardian’s Jon Boone: “The ‘honor killing’ happened in front of a large crowd of witnesses outside Lahore’s grand high court building where Farzana Parveen, 25, had been due to appear in a case brought by her family. The attack began when one of Parveen’s brothers attempted to shoot her before he and other male family members attacked her with bricks and blunt instruments. Throughout the deadly assault her father simply looked on while no members of the public outside the busy court complex came forward to intervene despite her cries for help. Some reports said policemen watched the incident – and all of the attackers managed to escape, although her father was arrested. The affluent city of Lahore likes to think of itself as Pakistan’s ‘cultural capital’, far removed from the country’s rural hinterland where killings to protect family ‘honor’ are more common…”

THE GOOD NEWS? Her Father was arrested.