Apparently GretaWire is really getting under President Bashir’s skin. He does not like that I post pictures of the kids starving to death because of him…and who he continues to terrorize, and try to kill. He also apparently does not like the fact that my pictures are proof of how evil he is – pictures of bomb craters next to schools..bombed churches …children with malnutrition starving to death…burned farms etc. (Oh, and how about the rape victims?)

So…what did he do about his upset with me? A few months ago Bashir sent his Foreign Minister to Washington DC to sit down with me and tell me that I should stop blogging about him.

I appreciate the gesture of sending his Foreign Minister all the way to DC to see me because it did two things: confirmed that I am having some impact on Bashir and secondly it gave me the chance to look his Foreign Minister in the eye and repeat my message to Bashir through him.

The Foreign Minister did ask me to stop blogging about Bashir. I said I would be happy to do so — as soon as Bashir stops bombing the innocents (including little children) in the Nuba Mountains causing them to flee, live in caves, resort to eating bugs and leaves… or just slowly starve to death. The Foreign Minister shrugged his shoulders and said they are “collateral damage.” Well…maybe to the Foreign Minister and Bashir, but not to me.

By the way….if you have a second, put SUDAN in the search function of GretaWire (top right) and read the blog post about South Korean President sending a thank you note to President Bashir. I almost fell off my chair when I learned they are ‘pen pals.’ It is so off the charts nutty…and you might want to call or email the South Korean Embassy and tell them to wise up about their new friend Bashir.