WHAT A BUNCH OF CRUEL PEOPLE! 25 year old pregnant women stoned to death BY HER FAMILY because she did not marry her cousin (and this happened in a country which is one of our allies…go figure, right?)

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Can you believe this?  and it is her family? 

What do you imagine the conversation is like before they do it?  “I don’t like her boyfriend, so let’s kill her…even though she is our daughter…sister…and pregant…because we are so perfect, righteous, so loving and we value human life.”


Pakistan Pregnant Woman Stoned To Death

The 25-year-old is set upon by a mob in a Pakistani street after marrying the man she loved instead of her cousin.

pregnant woman was stoned to death by relatives in Pakistan for marrying against their wishes.


Farzana Iqbal, who was three months’ pregnant, was set upon by a mob including her brother, father and spurned husband.


The attack involved 28 to 30 people and took place outside Lahore High Court, police told AFP.


The 25-year-old was attending court to defend her new husband, who was accused by the family of kidnapping and forcing marriage upon her.


“The brother first opened fire with a gun but missed. She tried to run away but fell down,” senior investigator Rana Akhtar told AFP.


“The relatives caught her and then beat her to death with bricks.”


Mrs Iqbal’s father, Mohammad Azeem, has been charged with murder and the others are being sought, according to AP.


The husband, Mohammad Iqbal, was a widower with five children when he began seeing the victim.


“We were in love,” he told AP news agency.


Some 869 women died in so-called “honour killings” last year,   CLICK HERE