Thank YOU! ON THE RECORD at 7pm is STILL #1 in our timeslot in all of cable news

#1, One

I am headed back to DC from NYC but wanted to drop a quick line to thank ALL OF YOU for watching ON THE RECORD at 7pm and keeping us #1 at 7pm in all of cable news.  You kept us #1 at 10pm for 11 1/2 years and now you have been doing it at 7pm!    Of course we would not be #1 if it were not for YOU!

You also make it  fun to do OTR at 7pm – I feel like I know many of you.  Many of you have been blogging here on GretaWire for years (GretaWire turns 11 in August) so you know what I mean. 

Thank you ….thank you very much.