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Check out the viewer email below – I have received several with the same theme (you will understand when you read it.)  I have removed the viewer’s name and location from the email for obvious reasons.  Here it is:

I have live in *****, Mexico for 21 years, I am a disable 100% Service Connected Veteran. I had a friend of mine got arrested with cocane in his house. He was arrested, Mexican police processed him into the system which takes 72 hours, he got a lawyer ( now, remember lawyer in Mexico are nobody, the Notary Public, is a somebody), at this time the lawyer called my friend’s brother in the USA, within a few hours the brother wired $ 10,000.00 dollars to the lawyer, and my friend was release from jail, given 24 hours to leave the country of Mexico.


Everything here in Mexico, is done with corruption.

 This Marine now is in the system. it will take more months, to get him released. The Lawyer that was defending the Marine, that supposely was lieing. In Mexico everyone lies, that how thing get done here. This Marine family need to understand this is Mexico not the USA.