20 years later … and a question for YOU


I am working on a SPECIAL – OJ Simpson trial 20 years later.  First, I can’t believe it has been 20 years…

And second?  What a weird turn my career took.  I was practicing law and teaching as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law Center and was enjoying it…never dreaming that my career could take such an abrupt and different turn.  In fact, even as the trial draggged on and on…I fully expected to go back to the career I loved in the law.  When Burden of Proof was launched at CNN the day after the OJ trial ended I figured it was a part time job and I would continue to practice and teach….somehow I just never got back to the law.

Here is my question for you: where were you when the Bronco ‘chase’ happened? (In other words, did you watch?)