“Kevin, who is the moron? :) And by the way, not only did I send a video crew as you suggest — I actually drove it myself.”

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Below find an email from a viewer of OTR at 7pm.   Kevin (I removed his last name and email address) lives in TEXAS so I assume he is talking about TEXAS.  The marine entered Mexico from CALIFORNIA and, as an aside, unlike Kevin…I went to California and drove the very route the marine did and took video of it.   Note, as an aside, I do appreciate that he watches ON THE RECORD at 7pm.  (By the way, don’t give Kevin a hard time….he is probably a really nice guy who just went off on this one report and vented. )

Subject: Marine in Mexico


My son and I watched with rapt fascination your report on the Marine who “accidentally” drove into Mexico…I’m 65 and my son is 35 and we both have been to Mexico numerous times. I go across the line about every couple of months.

You’ve been had! The former marine currently in jail in Mexico is Fox’s new Cliven Bundy. You’ve been hornswaggled again by stupid people…people actually more stupid than Fox news pundits and viewers.

You CANNOT just make a wrong turn and drive into Mexico…can’t happen! The Mexican authorities actually stop every car entering the country. They signs telling you you’re about to cross an international border into Mexico couldn’t be missed by a blind person.

This guy is a complete and stupid idiot and deserves whatever he gets in Mexican justice.

It might have made a little more sense if you had sent a film crew on the exact same path he traveled just to see and check out the story…but no, you just run with it without checking the veracity of the tale.

Go ahead Fox Snooze, do it…If your film crew can get into Mexico without knowing it, then I’ll give a modicum of credit to the story, otherwise the guy is an idiot and should not be given any special treatment by our government or the Mexican government. He broke the law and must pay the price…Bienvenidos a Mexico you moron!


Kevin *****

Austin, TX