AND THE CRITICS? NBC Brian Williams interview of Edward Snowden

Williams Snowden

I just heard some people on TV talking about the Brian Williams interview with Edward Snowden.  They were critical of Williams because he didn’t tear Snowden apart limb by  limb.  That is more entertainment TV than journalism to me. 

I heard parts of the interview and I learned some things from it.  That is why I watch.  

I watch because I am curious, I want to learn some things that I did not already know.  I don’t watch for a slugfest or to be force fed by the interviewer’s opinion obviously injected –  I just want information.  

Interviews are not contests, they are opportunities to learn and yes, often that is done by challenging and follow up questions but it doesn’t have to be done in an obnoxious way but a probing way.   I want to hear blunt questions asked (and those questions can be asked in a polite way) and listen for the answers.  Sometimes polite questioning can get the interviewee (the guest) off guard and he or she may say something he might not otherwise say.  

After I watch an interview, I then reach my own conclusions about the person interviewed and from what he or she said in the interview.  

Why do you watch interviews?  Are you like some critics and look for a blistering take down? or are you looking to learn information?  What makes a good interview for you?   Why do you watch interviews?