Story about WH Press Secretary Jay Carney (and I don’t have any problem with this)


I am drinking my coffee and just read this in the NY Times about WH Jay Carney leaving:

“…Mr. Carney raised eyebrows among the White House press corps recently when he appeared in a feature article in Washingtonian Mom magazine to promote a book on work-family balance of which Ms. Shipman was an author. In one photo, considered hokey by some, Mr. Carney play-acted taking questions behind a lectern from his children…” [NY Times today]

Hokey? I don’t think so. It is his children. He was probably just having some fun with them (take your son, daughter to work day?) There are many advantages to having your parents in big jobs in Washington but there are also disadvantages. This is an advantage — so let the kids and parents have fun.

I think it fair to talk about how someone does his / her job (and I have been very tough on Carney and some of the things he has said from the podium in the White House briefing room) — but this was just fun with the kids. It was also for his wife’s book. His wife has had to do a major shift in her career because of Carney working IN the administration….so let them have some fun, let them promote the book.