What is the plan for Bret’s and my interview of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new book?

HRC Clinton

I have received so many questions  about the June 17 interview that Bret Baier and I will do of Secretary Hillary Clinton about her new book out June 10.

I have received questions like where will the interview be conducted, what will be the format, how will two anchors do it, how we will divide up topics, what topics etc.

I wish I could answer the questions but Bret and I have not sat down to talk about the interview or plan it.   He will be away from Washington this week on his book tour (his new book is out tomorrow) and next week I am on vacation.  I am sure we will talk often by phone during both weeks.

What I do know is that the interview will be 30 minutes long and will air the last 15 minutes of Bret’s Special Report and the first 15 minutes of ON THE RECORD at 7pm. 

I also know this – I will read Secretary Clinton’s new book cover to cover before the interview.  I read all authors’ books before I do interviews.   I will also watch ABC’s Diane Sawyer’s interview (it airs before ours.)