Latest – President Obama has landed in Poland

Subject: Travel pool report #1

June 3, 2014
Warsaw, Poland

AF1 was wheels down in Warsaw at 9:43am local. No news on the flight.

President Obama stepped off the plane at 9:47am and greeted some officials standing along the red carpet at the foot of the stairs, including President Komorowski (full list of greeters below). It’s lightly drizzling outside.

Mr. Obama walked over to the hangar where he’ll tour F-16s and deliver remarks. He entered the hangar, which features four F-16s, at 10am., walking with Mr. Komorowski. More on the event below from WH.

POTUS is currently talking with US and Polish forces. Pool too far away to hear. Statements coming.

Greeters on the tarmac, per the White House:

Stephen Mull, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Poland
Krzysztof Krajewski, Chief of Protocol for the Republic of Poland
Bronislaw Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland

From the White House:

Military Cooperation Event at Okecie Military Airport

Immediately following his arrival in country, President Obama and President Komorowski will greet U.S. and Polish troops at the Okecie Military Airport in Warsaw. Approximately 25 airmen and soldiers from each side (total 50) will participate. In addition, the event will showcase four F-16 fighter jets, two American and two Polish, which will be parked in the background.

The U.S. military contingent will include members of the U.S. Air Force Aviation Detachment (AvDet) in Poland, personnel from a squadron deployed to Poland as part the BALTOPS exercises (a multinational maritime exercise in the Baltic Sea), and Army paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade who are in Poland for NATO land reassurance exercises. The Poles will match with their Air Force and Airborn Brigade personnel.

Aviation Detachment
On November 9, 2012, the United States opened a full-time aviation detachment in Poland, working out of the 32nd Tactical Air Base in Łask (“Wahsk”) and the 33rd Air Base in Powidz (POH-widz). This Aviation Detachment is the first time that U.S. airmen have been stationed in Poland in a continuous presence. The Aviation Detachment in Poland has already hosted five training rotations of U.S.F-16 and C-130 aircraft. Following Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, the U.S. added additional rotations of aircraft and support personnel.

The Aviation Detachment strengthens strategic bilateral defense cooperation between the U.S. and Poland, as well as interoperability within NATO. The Aviation Detachment also represents the American-Polish commitment to developing a stronger relationship between the United States and Polish Air Forces and reflects our commitment as NATO allies to regular combined training exercises and military-to-military engagement. Facilitating bilateral and eventually multinational joint training exercises, the training exercises optimize the use of Poland’s ranges and airspace to enhance both countries’ flight tactics and maneuvers.

Land Forces Reassurance
U.S. Airborne Infantry paratroopers arrived in Poland in April 2014 to conduct bilateral and multilateral land force training and exercises with Polish troops, the first in a series of expanded U.S. and NATO training activities in Poland and the Baltic region. The U.S. and Poland are consulting on a program of “Solidarity and Partnership” that will identify new areas where we can work together including Special Operations forces, air force cooperation, and air and missile defense collaboration.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal