My answer to Dan Rather – he has this wrong – it is not a lack of guts

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When I read the article below from TVNewser, I am reminded how much I appreciate what Fox News has done for ON THE RECORD at 10pm and 7pm and for me.  It isn’t a loss of “guts” that has had an impact on journalism — it is that so few journalists travel.  It isn’t guts that limits the travel (and thus the stories we cover) – it is the economy.  Many journalists in many news organizations have guts — and our track records prove it.  

This comment by Dan Rather does remind me to be grateful to Fox News for sending us all around the world — whether it be Afghanistan, North Korea, Iraq, Sudan, Haiti, Mexican prison — or Paris, London, Beijing and Rome or the dozens of other places around the world and in the USA.  Fox News has spent a fortune (invested!) on ON THE RECORD at 7pm.  I know the costs and it is very, very expensive.   Most journalists today just don’t have the chance to travel to stories.   

So no, Dan, journalists (and this includes journalists in all news organizations) have not lost their guts….the fact is that travel budgets across all news organizations have been curtailed because the economy has been rough for everybody, including news organizations.

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