Is someone grossly minsinformed? or just plain confused? Senators Feinstein (D) and Chambliss (R) disagree with Rice (click to read)


To CNN’s Candy Crowley this past Sunday:

Susan Rice: “….and given the acute urgency of the health condition of Sgt Bergdahl….”

According to reports by NBC News Kelly O’Donnell, both Senators Feinstein (D) and Chambliss (R) do NOT believe health a factor. 

Rice says “acute urgency” and the two Senators say not a factor.  So which is it?  Who is telling the truth?

UPDATE: Note that in reading George Stephanopoulos questions to National Security Advisor Susan Rice on the same day as the CNN interview,

Susan Rice: “….and he is said to be walking and in good physical condition..”

OK….now Rice has me really confused! In the same day, she tells Candy that there is an ‘acute urgency’ of his health condition and tells George Bergdahl is in ‘good physical condition.’  My thought, “who is on first?”