More curious parts of Susan Rice’s answers on Sunday – click to read

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Below is lifted from Susan Rice’s interview with Candy Crowley of CNN.  Note that my responses to what Rice said are in red type.

To CNN’s Candy Crowley:

Rice: “Well, the — over the last several days, during the course of this week, we saw it coming together.  [So why not pick up the phone and call the Senate Intelligence Chair Feinstein and Ranking Member Chambliss that this might be ‘coming together?’]

But it wasn’t done until it was done.  And it wasn’t until a little before 10:30 in the morning [Saturday] that we had confirmation that he was safely in US custody. [I don’t know about you…but I bet my right arm that the White House knew at least an hour in advance and someone, even Rice herself, could have picked up the phone and alerted Senators Feinstein and Chambliss.]

Later in the interview with Candy Crowley:

Rice: “This opportunity is one that has been briefed to Congress when we had past potential to have this kind of arrangement. [This makes it obvious that the WH knew its responsibility to notify Congress since said had done so in the past.  Last night Senator Lindsey Graham said WH had discussed releasing GITMO for him and Senate said NO which is why he says the WH did not this time.  The WH knew the Senate’s postion on this.]  So it was not unknown to Congress.  The Department of Defense consulted with the Department of Justice. [Does this mean the Attorney General ok’d bypassing Congress?  not informing Congress?]And given the president’s constitutional responsibilities, it was determined that it was necessary and appropriate not to adhere to the 30 day notification requirement, because it would have potentially meant that the opportunity to get Sergeant Berdahl would have been lost….[first, besides the fact that constitutional responsibilites would include adhering to the law and not just blowing it off…even if there were an emergency in which the 30 day requirement could not be met…just calling 10 minutes before would have been a giant step forward in convincing many that the President wanted to comply to the law.]