Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel called the Bergdahl family (click to read)

Bergdahl parents

Below was emailed to me by FNC Justin Fishel:

From last VIP pool note:

From a senior defense official:

Secretary Hagel reached out and called the Bergdahl family tonight around 7pm, local time. The call lasted about 10 minutes. He obviously wished them well.

Hagel reassured them they and Sgt. Bergdahl would continue to get the full support of the department wtih regard to his medical care and reintegration.

The secretary made sure they knew our focus was on his heath and well being and reintegration.

He wanted them to know the focus is on their sons health and they expressed their gratitude. Hagel had wanted to talk to them but wanted to give them a couple of days.



Justin Fishel

Fox News Channel

Pentagon /State Dept. Producer