THIS IS SO DANGEROUS!!! What is WRONG WITH THE SECRET SERVICE???!!??? If Polish tabloids can get these pics (and video) with a camera lens, is there anyone who doesn’t think the President is vulnerable to someone armed?

Obama, Secret Service, Poland

As you know, President Obama is traveling in Europe.  These pics appeared in a Polish tabloid.  The Secret Service job is to keep the President safe.  How could the Secret Service possibly let this happen? If you can reach the President with a camera lens like this…you know more sinister things can happen.  This is once again, our SECRET SERVICE FAILING US (and once again, in an overseas trip.) Time to clean house at the Secret Service.

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Here is the note FNC Justin Fishel about the pics: “U.S. security experts are trying to find out how a Polish tabloid managed to get private pictures of President Barack Obama working out in a gym…”