My 3 BOOK GOAL on my vacation — click to see (and yes, a few movies? and fun ones, nothing heavy!)

North Korea

Last week I was in NYC and saw this book about North Korea on my Executive Producer’s desk (she has traveled with me 3 times to North Korea) and she offered to let me read first.  I grabbed the chance.

And the book below? Also a suggestion by my Executive Producer.  I read it years ago …. and time to read it again.

Two of Tale Cities

and of course I will be reading former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new book since Bret Baier and I will be interviewing her when I get back from vacation.  The date of that interview – and don’t miss it – is June 17.

Hillary Clinton

What about FNC’s Bret Baier’s new book?  Already read it!  And it is a GREAT BOOK!

Bret Baier