What Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said about Sgt Bergdahl


Email below from my FNC colleague Kara Rowland: 

I recorded the answers that Reid gave with respect to Bergdahl and here is my rough transcript ****

REID (started addressing Bergdahl situation circa 12:18pm according to my iPhone recording)


Q Bergdahl proof of life video?

I don’t know what was in his mind … or what medicine he had taken… he didn’t speak too clearly

The issue is, if our great country had a soldier who had been in captivity for five years … he tried to escape a couple times … it’s said that the conditions he lived under during this period of time were deplorable.

The president of the united states, the commander in chief of the United States military – he had an opportunity to bring home an American soldier and he brought him home and I’m glad he did.


Q What was your impression of his health?

A I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean I’m not going to – I don’t know what was – we do know that his health is not good, that’s obvious. But I mean, that’s not – let’s assume he was in vibrant health and he was faking all this. He is an American soldier in captivity for five years. The war is winding down, let’s bring him home. We did. Other issues relating to him … when he gets into condition that they can stabilize his mental and physical situation, they’ll determine what if anything more should be done.


Q Could WH have done a better job of looping in Congress?

A The timeline was very, very brief here. This has nothing to do with the briefing that was down, the classified briefing … we all know that the president had a very short period of time to make a decision. He made a decision to bring him home and I’m glad he did because in my opinion … every day that he was there was a day closer to him dying.


Q How come it seems you’re the only one who get a heads up the day before?

A I’m not sure… the whole deal is … is it Friday or Saturday? What difference does it make? What difference does it make.


Q What do you make of GOP requests to declassify files on Taliban Five, release proof of life video?

A That’s a decision they’ll have to make. That’s not for us to make. Also .. the president did this in consultation as commander in chief with his highest military advisers and there’s not a single one I’m aware of who disagreed with his decision.