Thank you Netflix for the “shout out” on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (and a vacation surprise for me!)

Netflix, Orange is the New Black

Netflix, Orange is the New Black

I am taking a few days off and besides the books I have set aside to read (yes, I will get to the books), I am watching some movies and shows. Since I was a criminal defense lawyer for years (12?), I have a particular interest in Netflix’s  ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. I don’t know if you have seen the first season, but it is realistic as to what goes on inside women’s prisons.

The second season just started…and what a surprise for me! I was watching the second episode of the second season and about 24 minutes 30 seconds into it I got a shout out. That is always fun when it is a surprise. So…thank you to Netflix and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.

Orange is the New Black


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