Kim Ghattas of BBC, who covered Secretary Clinton for 4 years at the State Department – her opinion on why Secretary Clinton might run for President

HRC, Hillary Clinton

First…the pic is from an interview we did with Secretary Clinton in Pakistan.

Second, and in anticipation of Bret’s and my interview next Tuesday, I am reading (studying) what reporters who followed Clinton daily are saying. I can’t read the book until tomorrow (it comes out tomorrow and I could not get an advance embargoed copy.) Below is written by Kim Ghattis and I find her particularly interesting and thus a reason to read her article because not only did she follow Clinton daily but she followed her for the foreign press (BBC.) I like to read all viewpoints so that I don’t risk getting fixed in my own but stepping back and taking a bigger look:


Kim Ghattas / BBC

“…You probably think [Hillary Clinton] run because she wants to be the first woman president, or because she has a clear domestic-policy agenda around the issues with which she’s been associated for decades. Certainly, both of those things are true.

But I’m here to tell you, as one who covered her every day for four years when she was secretary of state, that America’s place in the world now concerns her at least as much as those other considerations and probably more. And it’s only as commander-in-chief of the United States can she have any real influence on the issue that matters to her most: America’s power and prestige. You can read her new book, Hard Choices, as a proto-campaign document if you like, but it also spells out her vision for America’s role in the world….” TheDailyBeast