This is REALLY going to annoy Senator Dianne Feinstein (and I don’t blame her)

U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Senator Feinstein speaks about START Treaty on Capitol Hill in Washington

In light of the news below, there was nothing stopping WH from picking up the phone and giving Senator Feinstein, Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee a heads up…yes, it would not have complied with the 30 days but at least she would not have been insulted that WH believes she could not keep an important secret. So..Obama Administration trusts unelected WH staffers to know (I assume President Obama’s advisors did) but not Senator Feinstein, an elected US Senator? Of course it also indicates an arrogance that won’t go over well on Capitol Hill:


@YahooNews: BREAKING: Bergdahl deal reached day before prisoner swap, U.S. learned location hour before pickup, Durbin says. @AP