You probably don’t have to go really far to get away – USA is a beautiful country and there are so many beautiful spots often just a short car ride away

Chesapeake Bay

I have traveled the world for Fox News Channel (and have loved it) but I am lucky in that I don’t have to go far from home to find a peaceful place.  Frankly, now that I think about it, when I DO travel for work, it is never to peaceful places (e.g. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Mexican prison etc.) and it is work 24/7 and not rest (war, hurricanes, shootings, prisons etc.)

Check out this pic — this is the beautiful  Chesapeake Bay.  It is just 30 minutes from Washington DC by car.  I don’t even need to lug my heavy camera to get a pic – just my cellphone.  And as you read this, you might be saying, like my husband, “put down that cellphone!’ This is a vacation!”

I know I am lucky, real lucky, that I can take a vacation.  Right now many people don’t have jobs to take vacations from or even if they do have a job, they have some giant and tough project that dictates what they do on that vacation – like taking care of a sick relative – or they don’t have the extra money it can cost.