I feel like the luckiest person in the world! From Greta Home and Academy in Haiti!

photo 2

Check out the birthday card – it is the best, isn’t it?  Can you think of any other better birthday present? I can’t.

And here is something you may not know but these children helped me mend a broken heart.  My Mother died on my birthday in 2001 and thus my birthday had inadvertently been poisoned with a lingering sadness every year.  While others celebrated their birthdays, I just wanted to pretend mine didn’t exist because the memory was understandably painful….and yes, it was just plain bad luck to lose someone you love on your birthday.  I knew it was stupid to let the sadness get to me every year – my Mother sure would not have wanted me to hold onto it and in her flip way would have just said, ‘get over it’ — but I could not.  It has just stuck…and yes, bad luck.

But a year ago, 2013, on June 11, my luck changed.. it all changed….while I was busy trying to clutter my mind with activity to avoid thinking about my Mother and my loss, I received birthday gifts from the children at the Greta Home and Academy in Haiti.  I even received a Happy Birthday video!   Suddenly it was POOF!  I let go of the sadness..and replaced it with the joy from these children.  It has been fun to be able to help them and what happened is that they in return helped me.

Their gesture to me changed everything.   I now look forward to my birthday and I think my Mother would be proud of me – although she did often tease me and say my hair often looked like a weed patch on TV.

About 80 children live and go to school at the Greta Home and Academy in Haiti  (one of them will grow up and become President of Haiti!) and I remain forever grateful to Reverend Franklin Graham and the Samaritan’s Purse community for letting my husband and me be part of this fun project.

PS – check out their uniforms! They even have the Greta Home and Academy logo and they are so proud of their uniforms (and so am I.)

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