Obama’s $1.5m 24 hour hotel bill — did they really need to bring 399 people? and a $1m car rental bill!


These numbers below are sky high – I really doubt that 399 people had to travel to Brussels with the President.  Even half that amount – 200 – seems like a lot.  

Of course to be fair, these expenses charged to the taxpayer should be compared to like travel by President Bush 43 which I don’t have.  But even if President Bush and President Obama are similar spenders….why do they have to spend this much?  No other country’s President travels nearly this heavy.  

I don’t see any indication that anyone in government cares how the taxpayers’ hard earned money is spent (except a few rare instances like Senator Tom Coburn.)

Obama’s Second $1.5M Brussels Hotel Bill in Less Than Three Months


Plus a $1 million car rental tab.


Jeryl Bier


June 11, 2014


In late March of this year, President Obama stayed in Brussels, Belgium for about 24 hours on a weeklong trip through Europe. Lodging at The Hotel in Brussels cost $1.5 million, as we reported in April, including rooms for the president and his entourage, as well as for the advance team in the weeks preceding the visit.


Less than two and a half months later, President Obama returned to Brussels again for about 24 hours for a G-7 meeting in early June, once again stayed at The Hotel, and again incurred a cost of $1.5 million. This time, the documents cited a need for “399 Lodging Rooms,  CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF ARTICLE