Latest about Iraq – DOD saying latest is “concerning”


notes from FNC Jennifer Griffin:

According to a senior US defense official with access to the latest updates from Iraq,
US officials are seeing signs that Iranian fighters have entered the fight in Iraq, describing the development as “concerning”.

This senior official says: “we have been watching this for months….this didn’t just happen,” the official said, referring to ISIL’s swift gains.

“There is not much we can do (militarily). We are way behind the curve,” the senior US official told Fox.

The source described US military officials, as “frustrated,” adding “this is bad.”

“Folks in the Embassy feel threatened, but it is too politically sensitive to evacuate them,” the senior official said.

US officials describe ISIL as “well-led and well trained.”

The Pentagon is looking “at all options, lots of planning, but dropping bombs against insurgents will be tricky – are they insurgents driving in a convoy or Iraqi military?”