BIG PROBLEM / SIMPLE EXPLANATION: WHY IRAN IS SUCH A HARD NUT TO CRACK – just look to the Republicans and the Democrats to understand


Understanding why…and why leadership matters…

The Democrats hoot and holler about the Koch Brothers and every time they do, money comes flowing in from their supporters. It is their biggest fundraising mantra. Money is power.

But of course the Democrats are not alone….the Republicans hoot and holler about George Soros. Every time the Republicans say George Soros, money flows into the Republicans. Money is power.

Neither political party is ever going to give up its financial juggernaut. Having an enemy that you can scare your troops with is power. move across the world to our common enemy – Iran. Iran calls USA ‘the great satan.’ Every time Iranian leaders call the USA “the great satan,” its leaders firmly hold their power. Their leaders selfishly have no reason to try and lower the temperature with USA – in fact, they have a disincentive to do so.

Yes, LEADERSHIP MATTERS…a willingness to go above self interest.