Computer experts, please explain this Lois Lerner / IRS emails matter to me — click to read my question

Lois Lerner

According to reports on Friday (from House Ways and Means), the IRS lost Lois Lerner’s (Jan 2009 – April 2011) emails due to a ‘computer crash.’

Assuming that to be true (and many suspect IRS shenanigans), would not her computer crash lost emails be on others’ computers, the ones to whom she had sent the emails?

And since none of us owns our work emails and thus no privacy protections, can’t the IRS computer wizards do a search of the others’ accounts?  I would also expand the search beyond the IRS database to the FEC and maybe beyond.

So computer experts tell me, if HER COMPUTER CRASHED, does that mean her SENT EMAILS ARE NO WHERE? or are they in the recipient’s inbox?