Do you have any idea how EVIL you have to be to bomb Doctors without Borders and their hospital, which has lots of children as patients? Sudan’s President of Bashir just can’t stop his evil self — when will the world stop him?

Bashir, Sudan

 President Bashir of Sudan is so evil – bombing a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Sudan (which takes care of children!) is right up their at the top of the charts.  A hospital isn’t even a moving target!  

Yes, I know he bombs children trying to flee him….but now he is even going for the easier targets…hospitals with children in them!

When will the world stop Bashir? or will the world stop him?  He is under indictment at the ICC already for genocide — but the indictment appears to be a worthless, toothless piece of paper.  Bashir travels around to other countries and gets the red carpet from the host countries — he should be put in handcuffs and shipped off to the International Criminal Court to answer to the thousands and thousands he has murdered. 


Sudanese air force bombs have hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in South Kordofan, the group said Tuesday, adding to Western concerns about attacks against civilians in a largely-hidden war.

Paris-based Medecins Sans Frontieres said its facility in Farandalla, South Kordofan, was “attacked”.


Sudan’s military denied the incident, the second case of its kind involving a hospital in the past few weeks.


“As bombs struck the village of Farandalla on June 16, two hit the MSF hospital there. Five people were wounded in the village and one MSF staff member was injured at the hospital,” the international aid group said in a statement.


“We are shocked that a medical facility can be bombed, especially since it was clearly identified with a flag and a cross on the roof,” said MSF head of mission Brian Moller. “We also had previously communicated the hospital’s position to the authorities in Khartoum.”