Latest on Benghazi arrest – he is talking (click to read)


From FNC Jennifer Griffin:

Senior US officials say Ahmed Abu Khattallah is talking – giving his US interrogators a “history lesson” on Ansar Al Shariah. US officials hope to have as much time with him on board the ship as possible before having to read him his Miranda rights and hand him off to a lawyer. The decision rests with the President. Right now officials describe the US Navy vessel that is carrying Khattallah as being on “slow” trip back to the US. Normally it would take about a week to sail from the Mediterranean back to the US. The Navy is being careful to remain in international waters.


Separately, US military sources tell Fox that the Delta Force operators who carried out the mission did so “efficiently”. The entire mission roundtrip from launch was 32 minutes, according to well-placed sources.


Khattalah and his Ansar Al Shariah forces were engaged in heavy fighting with the forces of General Khalifa Hiftar, a former Libyan General who has spent time in Northern Virginia and launched an attempt to rid Libya of Islamist forces last month.


On Capitol Hill, General Martin Dempsey said moments ago in an answer to Susan Collins: the operation [to get Khattallah] may have looked simple “but it took MONTHS of planning” and intelligence [gathering].