PLEASE HELP FIGHT EVIL PRESIDENT BASHIR: CALL SUDANESE EMBASSY at 202 338 8565 (click for email address) and tell them to tell their evil President Bashir to stop bombing innocent civilians/children (and report back here on GWire what you are told) – THANKS


Maybe if evil President Bashir gets the hint this is immoral, he might stop?  I realize it is an uphill battle since President Bashir is so vicious towards the innocent civilians but at least we can make sure he knows what we think.  I already called this morning..and very politiely gave the woman answering the phone a detailed message about my views.  She was kind enough to give me the email address in case some of you would prefer to email (I like the personal touch of a phone call….but how about doing both? Here is the email address:

And feel free to email often…and even include a picture below in your email so they can see for themselves...and to share this post with friends. Here are some pictures of President Bashir’s ugly handiwork:

South Sudan, famine

This child in the pic below was starving to death when I took the pic (when I traveled there with Reverend Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse) doubt this child is now dead.  This child was fleeing the village that President Bashir was bombing….no food, no water…just terror.


Bashir, Sudan

The pic below is of me in a bomb crater next to a school in Sudan — President Bashir bombed mid day when the school was filled with children but he missed.  I am in the crater to show you the power of his bombs.

Sudan, Bashir, bomb, crater

Below is the very little these refugees had to eat…this is a bag of bugs….all because of evil President Bashir or Sudan. His people want NOTHING from us — they just want their President to leave them alone so they can farm and raise their families.  

Sudan, bugs

PS – I know these posts and your calls and emails have an impact on Pres Bashir.  He sent his Foreign Minister to Washington, DC to meet with me and to tell me to stop doing it.  I said I would as soon as he stops bombing these innocent people.