And it isn’t just Montana’s Former Democratic Governor saying stuff – check out Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry – click


From FNC Jake Gibson

Washington – Texas Governor and potential Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Perry told reporters that he “stepped in it” recently in San Francisco when he compared homosexuality to alcoholism.


“We should be respecful of everyone…” Perry continued, “But gay or straight you need a good job.”


Perry made the remarks while speaking to reporters at a breakfast roundtable a few blocks from the White House.


The Lone Star State governor pointed out the economic successes of his state and the low unemployment rate, saying the most important thing a chief executive can do is create an environment where people can get a good job.


Perry maintains that he has not yet decided if he will run for president in 2016, but that his failed 2012 run taught him some valuable lessons.


“I’m glad I ran,” Perry said. “As frustrating, painful and humbling as that was… Running for governor in texas does not prepare you to run for president.”


However, Perry hinted that he is ready for more and that a presidential run is not out of the question.


“I’m not ready to ride off into the sunset,” said Perry. The 66 year old also told reporters that he is healthy and “66 is the new 46,” and said maybe the country and the Republican party had learned something from watching “a young president bumble from scandal to foreign policy crisis.”


Texas is an energy state and Perry also lashed out at President and the EPA over new carbon regulations, saying climate change is not “settled science.”