What a bunch of partisan dimwits – or do they have potatoes in their ears (did they not listen to what I said about Governor Scott Walker?)


Last night I was on Special Report about Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Since that appearance I have received lots of angry emails from partisan dimwits or people with potatoes in their ears accusing me of trying to protect Governor Walker and do damage control for him. Huh? I can’t decide if the people who are emailing me with such venom are dimwits or just want to believe what they want to believe….partisan hate?

Here is what I said:

I said Governor Walker has a political problem (any time you are a politician getting accused of a crime, whether guilty or not, you have a political problem.) And of course, it is never good when you have a political problem.

I also said he does not currently have a legal problem but could in the future. Right now the legal status of the case is that Federal Judge Randa says his alleged conduct does not constitute a crime.  So….no legal problem if conduct alleged is not unlawful.

I also noted that Governor Walker had not / has not been charged with a crime and all a prosecutor has to do in Wisconsin is fill out a piece of paper to charge someone with a crime. If the prosecutor thought he committed a crime, I would assume he would have charge him, right?

I said he could have a legal problem in the future if the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit rules that Judge Randa is wrong and that the alleged conduct constitutes a crime.  If that happens, Governor Walker is likely facing charges and a trial – assuming that the prosecutor thought a crime committed and that he could prove it. That would most certainly be a legal problem.

One other thing…yes, Republican Governor Walker says this is a partisan witch hunt (not his exact words) and the Democratic DA denies it is a partisan witch hunt.  Both statements from both gentlemen are predicable.

How my comments could in anyway be construed as partisan is beyond me. Only a hater with an agenda would say that. Never dull, huh?

Chris Wallace, Special Report