SUDAN’s PRESIDENT BASHIR IS CRUEL AND EVIL – HE KILLS INNOCENT CHILDREN! How could President Putin do this? Click to find out


Russia’s President Putin sent a congratulations note to Sudan’s EVIL President Bashir.  What do you congratulate a killer for?  The only note anyone should send Evil Bashir is: SURRENDER ON THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC) GENOCIDE INDICTMENT !  You have seen the pictures here on GretaWire (pictures I took since I saw this with my own eyes) of the horrible things Sudan’s President Bashir does.  He is an awful, awful man….he is pure evil.


Khartoum – President of the Republic, Omar Al Bashir received a congratulatory message from President of Russia, Vladimir Putin on Africa Day.


The message expressed sincere felicitations to Al Bashir on the Day of Africa’s victory in wars for freedom and independence, wishing Sudan and Africa success in their endeavour to achieve lasting peace.


President Putin confirmed in the message Russia’s resolve to continue developing and promoting relations with Sudan and actively participating in all programmes and projects through the UN, Group-20 and various other groups assisting Africa.


The message highlighted Russia’s support for the AU to resolve crises and make peace in post-conflict zones.


African nations are confidently moving ahead on the path of economic, social, scientific and technological development, the message said.



By Staff Writer, 17/06/2014