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Two notes to this viewer who wrote two of my colleagues and copied me:

1.  It is not against the law to rent a hotel room.  Sgt T told me that he rented the room and later left…didn’t like the room, didn’t want to be in Tijuana.  

2.  This is VERY IMPORTANT:  Bill, you write about being suspicious of gun smuggling.  NOTE THAT THE MEXICAN AUTHORITIES WERE NOT — they did not charge him with smuggling but with simple possession.  That shows what they thought based on what they observed.  As an aside, you would be a pretty dumb smuggler to smuggle guns that you bought lawfully in the USA with your name on all the papers / receipt. 

Dear Mr Scott and Ms Lee,


US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi rented a room at the Hotel Nelson in Tijuana on 31 March. That’s the same day he was arrested.


I wonder how he’s gonna splain that. One could reasonably suspect that he was smuggling firearms into Mexico (e.g. Fast and Furious). See :


Photo of Tahmooressi’s hotel room receipt : CLICK HERE

Full report : CLICK HERE



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