Kurds are going to be the big winners – they have seized control of Kirkuk (I took this pic a few months ago when I was in Kirkuk with Reverend Franklin Graham – and click to see pic with President Barzani)


While all eyes are on Baghdad, the big winners? the Kurds.  Their oil industry is growing and growing and growing and they will be happy to be liberated from Baghdad.  Kurdistan’s President Barzani even complained to Reverend Graham and me that Baghdad was cheating them out of the oil profits…they are supposed to get 17% of revenue and Barzani said only getting 10%.  This latest problem in Iraq may be the exit ramp for the Kurds.

“….the briefer depicted the Kurdish minority, which has established a fairly stable and autonomous region in northern Iraq, as likely to benefit from the chaos. Soon after ISIS overran Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, the Kurdish military force known as the Peshmerga swiftly moved to seize control of Kirkuk, the strategically important city with enormous reserves of oil that the Kurds have long viewed as their historic capital in their quest for full autonomy….”  [from James Rosen’s reporting]

Below is a pic with Kurdistan’s President Barzani and Reverend Franklin Graham.

With President Barzani of Kurdistan and Reverend Franklin Graham