THERE ARE VERY VERY RICH DEMOCRATS (and yes, they play golf – not softball – at expensive country clubs)


It is peculiar how some rich Democrats seem to think their money and wealth is different from that of rich Republicans.  Rich Democrats live like rich Republicans – often private planes, golf and wine (not buses, softball leagues and beer like many Americans!)  (And note: buses, softball and beer can be a whole lot more fun!) 

NOTE TO SOME DEMOCRATS: There is nothing wrong with people being successful – I admire success – but it is a bit delusional for some rich Democrats to think their wealth is different and criticize Republicans for their wealth. 

What matters is how you live your life, not the size of your bank account.  Rich people, like middle class and poor can be very good, decent people.  Rich people are in a great position to help others (and many do) – we should encourage the rich to help rather than try to shame them for being successful.