A potent weapon to get information: has a Bar Complaint been filed against IRS’ Lois Lerner?

Lois Lerner

Maybe it is time for the Bar to look into Lois Lerner?  Lois Lerner, as a member of the Bar, has an obligation to cooperate with Bar Counsel. The Bar has wide latitude to investigate lawyers and how they carry out their responsibilities as members of the bar.

 If she does not cooperate with the Bar, she faces disbarment.  

Lerner does not think she will get a fair shake from Congress because of its political nature, but she does not have that complaint with the Bar. Bar hearings are not made up of Republicans and Democrats but rather lawyers looking at conduct of other lawyers.

And who can file a Bar complaint? anybody….even you.

It is wicked to suggest a Bar investigation / complaint but frankly, the allegations against her are wicked: targeting Americans. Targeting is cruel (it scares people) – and targeting is against the law. She is currently getting retirement from the taxpayers so she owes an explanation.