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Below are notes from FNC’s Justin Fishel:

Some highlights for you from the off camera background briefing we just received from senior Army officials at the Pentagon. They were speaking not so much about Bergdahl’s current condition, but rather answering questions about the process he in facing.


-The reintegration process ends in two weeks.


-As was previously announced, a new investigation into the circumstances of his disappearance began on June 16. It has a 60 day deadline for completion.


-Comments Bergdahl makes during the reintegration process CAN be used against him in that investigation. In other words he could potentially implicate himself in criminal activity by saying, for example, “I deserted so I could join the Taliban.” The officials said at this point that Bergdahl has not implicated himself in criminal activity.


-The new investigation begins with interviewing witnesses and will focus on Bergdahl last.


-Contrary to previous statements by the DoD, Bergdahl has not been offered a lawyer. He could get one if he asks for one, but he has not asked for one. Officials say the reintegration process focuses solely on the point of capture forward. If he does implicate himself the reintegration process will stop and he will be informed of his right to an attorney.


-Officials say he was getting paid for a large portion of the time he was being detained. That money was being directly deposited to one of his accounts and he still has access to that account. However, at some point (and Army would not say when) the Army stopped payment to his account and put his paychecks in a separate holding account, to which he does not yet have access. His ability to access that money will be determined once the investigation into his disappearance is complete. It’s possible he will eventually get it. It’s also possible he won’t get it. For instance if the Army determines he deserted he would not get that money AND he could be forced to pay back money he was paid during his capture.


-The investigation into his disappearance will not look into allegations that other soldiers died while looking for him.



Justin Fishel

Fox News Channel

Pentagon /State Dept. Producer